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Long hair sex

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Long hair sex
, and yet it seems to be a bad hair day each day for you?

Worry no more; weve got you the best-kept secrets to your perfect long tresses; and the best part is, it doesnt require a trip to the salon.

Read on for some really cool, and surprisingly easy tips to manage your hair better, and make them shiny, lustrous and looking like a million bucks!

Make oil your best friend-, grandma was right after all; even the most highly regarded beauty experts today consider moisturizing the most crucial step of hair care ; and oil does it best!

A 20-minute warm oil massage is excellent for dry, rough and frizzy hair.

It moisturizes the hair and the scalp, unlike damaging it like other store-bought conditioners.

Make it a point to oil your hair at least once, preferably twice a week; for best results.

Watch your diet-, your diet plays a vital role in determining both-how you feel and look.

A healthy diet devoid of processed foods, coupled with moderate exercise can literally make your skin and hair glow from within!

Experts recommend adding more.

Vitamin A and, vitamin E rich foods to the diet to promote hair health.
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