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Awesome Mom Wants Federal Investigation Into Gay Sons Bashing.

Dylan Beards friends are definitely awful people they lured the 17-year-old to a skate park and then beat him up while shouting gay slurs.

Making matters worse, the local police were like eh, and havent really dont much about.

But the good news is that his family is completely awesome.

His mom, Jennifer Beard has hired an attorney and now theyre demanding action from the Department of Justice.

They want the attack investigated as a hate crime.

Texas is one of the states that identifies sexual orientation as a category for hate crimes (but not gender expression).

And Dylans uncle, Tom Plunkett, is furious too. .

As a military veteran it kind of disappoints me, a country I defended, he said.

It sucks that Dylan endured this attack, but bless his family for being so supportive.

Dylan is home-schooled, and doesnt really know his attackers that well.

Its totally mysterious why they would decide to coordinate an attack on him.
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