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Softporn movie

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Softporn movie
women who meet as strangers and have a passionate night togetherall while sharing intimate stories about their troubled pasts.

Watch IT 2 'Two Moon Junction if you love a healthy dose of '80s camp in your softcore viewing, Two Moon Junction is truly a must-see.

The move follows April Delongpre, a 21-year-old Southern belle (and senator's daughter) who has been pushed into in an engagement to a guy named Chad Douglas Fairchild, who is just as Chad Douglas Fairchild-y as the name implies.

April ends up falling for the least Chad Douglas Fairchild-y guy in towna carnival worker/drifter named Perry.

Watch IT 3 'Love Camp love.

Camp (also known as, die Todesgttin des Liebescamps ) is a 1981, West German softcore rock musicalaka everything you never realized you wanted a porn movie.

The movie stars sex symbol Laura Gemser and is all about free love nad sexual liberation.

Watch IT 4 'The Key this 2014 erotic drama (which is loosely based on the 1956 Japanese novel of the same name) stars David Arquette and Bai Ling and tells the story of a married couple who begin keeping.

Watch IT 5 'Fairy Tales'.

Want some comedy with your sexy times?

Try the 1978 sex comedy.

Fairy Tales, which follows a prince who gets a woman as a gift for his 21st birthday (because sure).

The prince is supposed to make all kinds of sexy times with the woman and put an heir in her womb, but he struggles with erectile dysfunction when it comes time to do the deed and realizes that his.

So, he does what any lead in a medieval sex comedy would do and goes on a sex quest to find (and offer intercourse to) the princess from the painting.

Watch IT 6 'Touch Me Not if you're interested in one of the more modern offerings in the softcore genre, 2018's.

Touch Me Not is a great option.

The movie is part documentary, part fiction and follows a filmmaker (Adina Pintilie) as she engages with a group of character for a personal research project about intimacy.

Watch IT 7 'Bikini Jones and the Temple of Eros'.

If you like your softcore jollies with a heavy dose of camp, then 2010's.

Bikini Jones and the Temple of Eros (represented here with its foreign release DVD cover because the art is so much better than the English cover art) is for you.
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