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X hamasters

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X hamasters
because you were told it was just a place for pictures of peoples fluffy pets.

The reality is that xHamster is a tube website devoted to nothing but hardcore sex videos from hundreds of studios and independent amateur uploads.

My research seems to suggest that in traffic, xHamster is one of the most popular porn-based websites out there according to Alexa, its currently ranked 59 in the world for overall visitors PornHub.

Suffice to say that you ought to expect big things out of this popular adult streaming platform: lots of visitors and a history dating back over a decade is a recipe for pornographic perfection.

Now then, lets talk about the good and the bad when it comes to xHamster.

The Initial xHamster experience, for me, tube sites are basically winners or losers based upon their initial user experience.

I cant tell you how many times Ive visited a video network that had terrible design and made me want to leave the minute I landed on the homepage.

On the whole, xHamster does a stellar job of delivering a great initial browse.

First, it displays 10 hot porn videos that you can instantly switch out with other recommendations using the refresh feature these switch out without the entire page reloading and literally takes milliseconds to finish.

Below that, youve got the newest scenes added and according to xHamster, roughly 3,000 new videos are added on a daily basis.

This segment is also used to sort content based on user rating and length it makes refining what youre looking for a walk in the park.
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